Our Credentials


Nordig has an established and fully integrated management system, which places a high priority on the health and safety of our employees. Each team member completes a full induction and must hold a current construction White Card before working on any project. Nordig’s Site Safety Plan details the requirements of each job, including hazard and risk management, and our teams conduct daily pre-start meetings and weekly safety and machinery inspections.

We regularly monitor and review our systems to ensure we confirm to contractual and regulatory requirements, and that all employees adopt our policies and values white on our work sites.


Taking care of the environment is extremely important to Nordig. We are a local, family business and strive to maintain our unique and sensitive environment for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. So, we continue to monitor the effects of our operations and develop smart practical measures that reduce our overall environment impact. This includes the use of erosion and sediment controls and strategies to minimise dust and excessive noise.

We regularly maintain and inspect our machinery to reduce the risk of oil and pollutant spills and prevent the transport of weeds, seeds and disease from one site to another.


Nordig carries our monthly training sessions and weekly toolbox talks with our staff. We also monitor individual performance levels and provide technical and skills training as necessary. New team members are carefully selected based on their appropriate qualifications and experiences; altitude and work ethic; grooming and appearance; communication skills and the ability to fit into the Nordig team culture. If necessary, they are also provided with the extra training before being sent to site.

We pride ours elves on our open communication between staff and management in our endeavour to always create a better standard of work for all.

Our contract services include:

Bulk earthwork | Detailed excavation | Contaminated soil removal | Foundations | Trenching | Soil comparison | Drainage | Building pads | Site clearing | Driveways and car parks | Asbestos | Demolition

Water Tank Foundations

A challenging and skilful project and involved excavation more than 6m of earth on sloping terrain for a local government authorities water storage tank.

The work was done in the wet season with a natural watercourse running through the site. Rather than delay the project, we were able to create a temporary rock train to divert the water runoff away from the foundations.

Multi Storey Foundations

For this project – the foundations of an 8 story government building in Cairns – Nordig used highly specialised equipment capable of cutting oversized piles down to the required level to pour pile caps to support the foundations.

The use of the mechanised equipment, rather than doing the job manually ensure we could deliver a faster and safer end result, than traditional piling methods.

Cruise Liner Terminal

Nordig was subcontracted by Hutchinson Builders to work onĀ  the iconic and heritage listed, Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal.

Over a 12-month period, we completed the preparation for the road works, curbing and edging, the pathways and gardens. The work included the excavation of the railway lines and sleepers originally used to transport cargo from the wharf, which were restored as part of the construction project.